One-Eyed Jack

A one eyed criminal of the gambler and thief Royal Flush.  One-Eyed Jack was directed by Royal to throw a priceless blue diamond from the Desert Diamond Casino through the window of Dick Tracy’s home.  (The diamond would land in Tess’s lap).  This was part of a plot of misdirection to focus police attention on the Desert Diamond while Royal and his team robbed the nearby Emerald Emperor.  Tracy’s intuition figured out the ruse though, and Royal was arrested with the rest of the gang after the failed robbery. No mention was made of One-Eyed Jack.

OneEyedJackTwo years later One-Eyed Jack reappeared as the manager of Jack’s Casino, which was owned by King of Clubs. At this time, Jack worked with a criminal boss named Big Ace who operated a scam at several casinos.  The scam involved letting independent, non-banking patrons win a great deal of money and then robbing them after they left.  B.O. Plenty became Jack’s target, and after he won $750,000 he sent his right hand, Tons and two other hoods to rob the Plenty’s.  At this same time, Dick Tracy tried to arrest Jack in the casino, resulting in a epic brawl.  Dick and Jack battled throughout the casino until Jack finally recovered his gun and prepared to finish the detective off.  Jack revealed that he was the brother of the Queen of Diamonds, who had been killed on a rooftop with Tracy two years before.  Before he could finish off the detective, the King of Clubs shot him dead.  Tracy eventually rounded up all the other players in the crime.

The Queen of Diamond’s real name was Kimberly Myne.  It’s unclear if Myne was her maiden name, but no husband was ever mentioned in the strip, suggesting Jack’s real name was Jack Myne.

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