Screwball with Junior disguised as Jackie Steele in the background.

Screwball and his brother Cueball were a pair of hoodlums found working for B-B Eyes during his DVD bootlegging operation in 2011.  When Junior went undercover as Jackie Steele and received a shipment of DVD’s from the two brothers.  Screwball, the more observant of the pair, noticed Junior wore a wrist wizard like those in law enforcement and reported it back to B-B Eyes.  Unknown to the two, Honeymoon Tracy had stowed away in the back of their moving van.  B-B Eyes however saw the young girl on a monitor and began piping exhaust fumes into the back of the van.  Tracy and Sam arrived in time to save the girl and Cueball and Screwball were easily arrested while B-B Eyes made a short-lived escape.

Their boss escaped kidnapping charges, possibly pinning them on the two brothers.  However, Cueball was seen out on bail within a couple of months and he mentioned B-B Eyes had vouched for him and Screwball to Mr. Crime so it’s likely Screwball was free and working for B-B as well.  Cueball was shot dead during a robbery by Putty Puss, one might assume Screwball would want revenge.

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