“Sizzler” Sitzes

“Sizzler” Sitzes was a “button man” (muscle)  who used to work for “The King” in Dick Tracy’s city. According to Dick Tracy, he went out-of-town on a job and never came back.  When Dick Tracy was investigating Abner Kadaver’s history he called the Hank O’Hair of the Daily Flash paper in a local city and learned Sizzler was the owner of an abandoned car connected to the hit and run death of a local weatherman, Charles Addams.  Addams, it turned out played the part of Baron Clovis, who took Abner Kadaver’s place hosting horror movies on TV.  It’s likely Sitzes was hired by Kadaver to kill Addams.  His payment it appears was a bullet, because Sitzes skeleton was found in Kadaver’s house of terror at the carnival.

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