Tons was the muscle behind One-Eyed Jack’s casino operations.  Jack allowed certain gamblers, including B.O. Plenty to win up to $750,000 after which Tons and two of his men would rob the gamblers of their winnings once they left.  While serving as muscle, Tons knocked Tracy out when Dick came looking for B.O. in the casino.  Then he lead his three-man team of men to the Plenty homestead, Sunny Dell Acres. unfortunately for them, Gravel Gertie was home and chaos ensued.  Gertie booby-trapped the front and back doors bear traps, catching his two men.  Tons made it into the basement with Gertie, where the cash was kept but Gertie managed to catch Ton’s hand with a racoon trap and then held him and his men prisoner with a shotgun until police arrived.

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