A dope peddler with a boat, Toyee provided shelter for Mimi when she was was on the run.  Toyee captured Tracy and Pat when they came to his boat after Mimi and tried to drown them, but they were rescued by Chief Brandon and Junior. Toyee and Mimi got away to Toyee’s waterfront hideout, but Tracy quickly caught up to them. He caught Mimi and Toyee attempted to hide inside the carcass of a sturgeon but was discovered by Dick.  After the detective put a bullet into the fish, Toyee dropped into the bay and was dead when Dick pulled him out.  Toyee had not drowned, however, but poisoned himself with poison from a ring.

2 Responses to Toyee

  1. Kirk says:

    Tracy did NOT arrest Toyee. Toyee tried to escape by being lowered into a boat in the body of a sturgeon, but when he realized he had been cornered by the police he committed suicide by swallowing a capsule containing poison.

    • admin says:

      Yep you’re right. I don’t know why I got off on this, maybe because Mimi also poisoned herself. I should re-read and re-write the bio with a picture sometime as well, it’s not very detailed.

      Thanks for the correction.

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