Trigger Doom

A stick-up man, Trigger started dating a girl Ginger Ferret.  Robbing a gas station, Trigger drove off with her and after police gave chase Trigger crashed through a billboard.  Doom escaped the burning vehicle but Ginger was killed and her father Constable Ferret and Dick Tracy redoubled their efforts to track Doom down.  The two chase Trigger to his dairy farm which is a front for illegal slot machines.  At the farm he drops Tracy into a pit with a raging bull and makes his escape as Constable Ferret goes to rescue Tracy.  Seeking help, Trigger goes to his boss Czar Rennis, but Rennis refuses to help him out.  Trigger knows if his boss won’t help him out, he plans to kill him and so he decides to kill Czar first.  After multiple attempts, Doom is unable to find a gunman, so he takes matters into his own hands and shoots Czar himself.  Tracy is able to piece the evidence of all this together and soon is able to capture Doom.

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