WinkinWinkin was one of three men, Winkin, Blinkin and Nod who helped the villain Putty Puss escape prison and attempt to murder Dick Tracy during the filming of a reality show.  Winkin drove the getaway car after Putty Puss fled the TV studio when he failed to kill Tracy.

A short time later, Winkin and Blinkin took in the Son of Spike show at Cueball’s club and told their boss it was a great joint to rob.  While Winkin and Blinkin distracted Cueball, Putty Puss disguised himself as Cueball and stole the receipts.  Unfortunately for all involved, Cueball found out and intercepted Putty Puss during his escape and the two shot each other.  Cueball was killed and Putty Puss was badly wounded.  Winkin and Blinkin got into a shootout with Tracy in the club and were both arrested.  Nod, who was outside with the vehicle was also arrested.

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