Shady Citizens

Corrupt politicians, lawyers, businessmen, husbands, wives, these criminals are not part of an organized group but just as bad.

NameActive YearsBrief BioStatus
Hy Habeas1931Lawyer who partnered with his friend Dubbs to kill Texie Garcia.Free
Dubbs1931A corrupt ex-politician who was blackmailed by Texie Garcia.Dead
Ben Spaldoni1933, 1934Criminal lawyer who worked for Big Boy Caprice.Dead
Peter Twillbrain1933A well known criminal lawyer who defended Steve the Tramp in court.Free
Representative Milrey1934A corrupt politician employed by Big Boy as a political fixer.Jailed
Alderman Zeld1934A corrupt alderman revealed by Jean Penfield's stories in the paper.Unknown
Mark Masters1935Gambler who got into money with Bookie Joe.Dead
Athnel Jones1936Former employee of Addie Gothorn and murdererJailed
Shirtsleeve Kelton1936Ex-politician who may or may not have collaborated with or snitched on the Purple Cross Gang.Unknown
Johnny Mintsworth1937A local socialite blackmailed by Collie Vinsso.Dead
Mickey Gaines1939Son of "Pop" Gaines the health resort owner who became mixed up in crime.Unknown
Edward Nuremoh1939Former baseball star and flame of Tess Trueheart who used her to earn an inheritance.Dead
John Lavir1939Dog thief who blamed Tess Trueheart for the death of his sister Lola.Dead
Mr. Kroywen1940A mad scientist, Kroywen abducted his grandson to test his cure for tropic sleep. Jailed
Fred Mason1940Factory owner who tried to kill Mary X.Dead
Charlie Yenom1941Cold storage worker who saved Littleface Finny from icy death-for $10,000 in exchange.Unknown
Selbert Depool1941An escaped lunatic who kills his father.Dead
Nifty Wreath1943Scorned husband who kidnapped his kid Johnny from daycare.Free
Mrs. A.B. Hamlet1943Hired old lover 88 Keyes to murder her wealthy husband for insurance money.Dead
Red Bluff1943Navy deserter who travelled with and then was killed by 88 Keyes.Dead
Wetwash Wally1945Laundry truck driver who tried to separate Breathless Mahoney from her money.Jailed
Kitty B.B. Eyes1945Wife of B.B. Eyes who teamed up with Itchy Oliver to starve Dick Tracy to death.Jailed
Irma1946A researcher for Diet Smith, Irma tried to kill Diet Smith. Irma is the mother of Brilliant.Dead
Rod and Nilon Hoze1946A pair who tried to prevent their aunt from marrying a mail order groom to protect their inheritence.Dead
Zabu1947Ran the Zabu Importing Company which was a front of Coffyhead's business.Jailed
Brier Volts1948Son of criminal Mrs. Volts, Brier tried to profit from her death.Jailed
Danny Wilts1948Former city electrical superintendent who worked for Mrs. Volts.Jailed
Sketch Paree1949Insane clothing designer and murderer.Dead
Fortson Knox1951A wealthy socialite and criminal who's jewels were desired by Crewy Lou.Dead
Tonsils1952A singer who with Dude the Dapper got in bad with Mr. Crime.Dead
Dewdrop Hepbeat1954Wife of Sticks Hepbeat, Dewdrop tricked and later murdered her father for an inheritence.Jailed
Sticks Hepbeat1954Husband of Dewdrop Hepbeat, assisted her in her crimes for an inheritence.Dead
Mrs. Green1954Woman who rented her child out for money and later attempt blackmail.Free
Mr. Pocketclip1956Hired Joe Period to arrange a date for him with Lizz's sister Julie Marrlin.Dead
Flossie1956Spec's terrible mother who ran off with the criminal Ivy.Dead
Mrs. Setton1957Wife of a murder dwarf accomplice of the Clipso Brothers.Jailed
Elsa Crystal1957Murdered her husband Claude and brother Robbie for $200,000.Jailed
Robbie1957Helped his sister Elsa Crystal kill her husband Claude for $200,000.Dead
Miss Egghead1958Raised fighting roosters and fled to Cuba when she killed her employee.Dead
Kent Hardley1959Inherited a treasure trove of small change from his criminal brother Charley Hardley.Free
Hillis1959Worked at a rare fish shop and sold information to the Rhodent.Dead
Tommy McConney1961, 1962Accidental murderer of Junior's mother, Mary Steele.Dead
Jimmy Gander1962A gambling czar who ran afoul of the 52 Gang.Dead
Mrs. Gander1962Wife of gambling czar Jimmy Gander.Free
Dr. Orta1963Was a vascular doctor obsessed with blood vessels and wanting a heart.Dead
Smallmouth Bass1963Son of Dr. Orta and small murderer who later teamed up with the deadly Dr. Olga.Dead
Habe Corpussle1968A corrupt lawyer who represented Posie Ermine and other criminals.Free
Appero1968, 1969Wig maker who used stolen hair.Unknown
Pierre1969A Painted Lady bartender who helped identify targets for the Hair Bandits.Unknown
Hy Jacky1969An ex-football player who dated and murdered Miss Intro.Jailed
Grandma Rinkles1973Eccentric half crazed woman who kept a guillotine in her basement.Unknown
Bolo1976Manager of several music acts who sold counterfeit music on the side.Unknown
Dr. Zy Ghote1979, 2013A geneticist and fraud who has faked cloning at least twice.Unknown
Uppward Lee-Mobile1986Ran a sham trading company, ponzi-scheme with his wife.Dead
Trendy Lee-Mobile1986Wife of Lee-Mobile, and murderer of a troublesome investor.Jailed
H Quentin Smirk2001Arrested for trying to kill his wife and two kids by Dick Tracy posing as a hitman in Los Angeles. Extradited to Chicago and jailed for 10 to 20 years. Smirk promised Tracy he would be out in 3 years. Jailed
G.R. Eed2002Shady hotel property developer. Now broke after the EPA shut down his Plush Mush Towers in Florida after a visit from Dick Tracy.Free, Broke
Percy Brillig2002Former member of the English Loving Union until he was snubbed and quit the club, becoming anti-English. Percy pranked the English by having Stonehenge buried and replaced by plastic replica's but was caught by Dick Tracy and Chief Inspector Whitehall of Scotland Yard. Percy has a mansion in the states but is now serving 5-10 years in England.Jailed
Bundles Filligree2003Wife of wealthy socialite Phil Filligree, Bundles and her lawyer J.R. Slick conspired and killed her husband. Slick was arrested and Bundles attempted to escape on horseback when Tracy can to arrest her. Unfortunately a gunshot spooked the horse and she was thrown on to some horse tranquilizers, paralyzing her for life.Jailed, Hospitalized
J.R. Slick2003Attorney for Bundles Filligree, J.R. was in love with his client and helped her kill her husband Phil. Tracy uncovered evidence that led to his arrest and J.R. ratted out Bundles to avoid a murder rap. Jailed
Beau Tox2003Plastic surgeon who used his skills to take Tracy out of action and steal artwork.Free
Snoote2003A stolen artwork fence who runs Snoote Galleries.Free
Piggot E. Bank2004A nefarious financier who will leave no crime un-commited to earn a buck.Free
Greedelia2004The spoiled and greedy wife of criminal financier Piggy Bank.Free
Frank Flunke2004Corrupt Chief of Security who worked on the City U College campus.Dead
Kindly Goodheart2004Crooked buisnessman and land baron who worked a plot involving the city airport.Dead
The Shaman2005A tribal Shaman in the southwest who betrayed his tribe for money.Dead
Mr. Sprawl2005A southwest developer who tried to profit off a reservation.Free, Broke
Oily2005, 2006An oil man who decided to become a hard-core criminal.Dead
Slick2005, 2006A criminal lawyer who got to deeply involved with crime.Dead
Dr. Figment Froid2006A scientific genius who invented a mind reading device.Jailed
Mr. Facet2007Manager of the Diamond Desert Casino who teamed with criminals.Jailed
Tucker Hennessy Jr.2007Son of J. Tucker Hennessy and murderer.Dead
Governor Smart2007Corrupt Governor of Dick Tracy's state.Unknown
Cole Lector2008An insane art collector who used evil to beautify society.Dead
Braces2008A braces wearing criminal who controlled a large robot.Dead
Driller2008, 2009A big oil business man working with AngeloriousFree
Ringo2009Circus ringmaster, blackmailer and murder target.Jailed
Mr. Pops2009Revenge obsessed clown determined to kill Ringo.Jailed
Barb Els2009Strong woman at O'Connell Circus and murderess.Jailed
Louise Trapeze2009Trapeze artist at circus who planned to kill their ringmaster before she was murdered.Dead
Anja Nu2010Failed actress who tried to kill Tracy at a play.Dead
David Dierdorf D’Buckworth2010Corrupt business tycoon who staged his own death.Jailed
Penny D’Buckworth2010Wife of corrupt business tycoon who helped stage his death.Jailed
Ed Garcia2011Nephew of Texie Garcia and former Diet Smith employee.Dead
Flakey Biscuits2011Ran a popular biscuit company that hid a drug operation.Dead
Shaun Levitz2011Assistant to Doubleup in his attempt to shakey down the Scarlet Sting movie.Dead
Thunderchild2012A crooked and violent professional wrestler.Jailed
Larry Kleen2012A high priced and very effective criminal lawyer .Free
Sweatbox2013An aging work-out addict who is secretly a serial killer.Dead
Dr. S. Tim Sail2013A scientist who worked to create Mysta Chimera in a plot to steal the Space Coupe.Unknown
Miles Mycroft2014An actor involved in illegal activity with Silver Nitrate.Dead

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  1. Deborah Dessaso says:

    Wasn’t there a character known as “Granny” who used to explain the money her sons brought home from robbing banks as her “egg money”? Perhaps this is on the list and I simply missed seeing it.


    Deborah Dessaso

    • admin says:

      You have good memory. There was an “Auntie”, often referred to as “Auntie Egg” who did exactly that with her nephew in 1962. I organized Auntie under the “Other Characters” section since she didn’t really feel like a “bad guy”. There are many other stories in that time period I haven’t documented yet though, so I’m glad you asked. Thanks for the reading!

  2. Deborah Dessaso says:

    You’re welcome…and thank you for a wonderful website!

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