Anja Nu

AnjaNuAnja Nu was a failed actress desperate to make a name for herself.  She designed a “Murder Mystery Party” plan to be held at the Science Museum and invited Dick Tracy to take part, playing the role of himself during a re-enactment of the Blank case.  Playing the part of the Blank was Johnny Nothing, grandson of the Blank.  Johnny deviated from the script during the first act, firing live ammunition and chased Dick off stage.  Anja called an early intermission and searched the museum for the two who played cat and mouse.  Nothing trapped Tracy in a World War II Stukka fighter hanging from the ceiling but before he could deliver a fatal blow with an axe, Anja produced a gun and shot him.  She kept the gun trained on Tracy, intending to shoot him as well and blame it on Johnny.  (bad planning on her part, she should have let Johnny finish his kill).  Anyway, before she could kill Tracy, the plane broke free of its mooring and crashed to the floor, crushing Anja.  Johnny lived to see the inside of a prison cell.

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