Barb Els

BarbElsBarb Els was the strong woman at the O’Connell Circus.  When new ringmaster, Ringo took over the circus and began blackmailing her and other performers, Barb Els decided to kill the vile man with the help of clown, Mr. Pops.  They new trapeze artist Louise Trapeze planned to also kill Ringo, so Barb Els shot Louise during her act, with the gunshot covered by Mr. Pops with a blunderbuss.  When Dick Tracy and FBI Agent Ennen began investigating, Barb laid low while Mr. Pops tried to kill the two investigators by trapping them in a tiger cage.  They would escape and soon Pops was in the cage instead and Barb, who had a powerful connection to Cyber the tiger went into the cage to calm the beast down so Tracy didn’t have to shoot the tiger.  She was later sentenced for the murder of Trapeze.

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