Beau Tox

In 2003 a plastic surgeon named Dr. Beau Tox gave Prunehilda and Heartless Mahoney younger faces and teamed up with them, NoFace and Dab Stract to steal a museum full of artwork.  Tox performed plastic surgery on Dick Tracy, making him appear as Haf and Haf while he gave Dab Stract a face that looked like Dick Tracy’s.  The crime was initially successful (although Dab Stract was arrested) but when the surgeries wore off Prunehilda and Heartless were so angry they poured acid on Dr. Tox’s face.  When Tox’s features were revealed he looked exactly like Haf and Haf.  Police would quickly arrest the scarred doctor.  It should be noted Tox shot Prunehilda dead and wounded Heartless in the attack.  In court, Heartless and Dab Stract would both testify against Dr. Tox but because of his different face he was not positively identified and Tox was released.

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