Brier Volts

The married son of electrical criminal Mrs. Volts, Brier refused to help his mother kill the Plenty’s for stealing her dog Flapsie.  Later, Brier would find her mother dead under his sink from accidental asphyxiation.  Brier and his wife choose to bury Mrs. Volts in a sandtrap at a golf course where he is grounskeeper and pocket Mrs. Volts pocketbook.  Getting drunk to celebrate, Brier knocks his wife unconscious and mistakenly starts his house on fire while elsewhere the body of Mrs. Volts is discovered by Diet Smith and B.O. Plenty.  Dick Tracy heads over to the Brier house, finds it in flames and Brier slips off in the back of a pie truck.  From the truck Brier runs in to Acres O’Riley, a very, very tall cab driver and demands her keys.  When she refuses, Brier jabbed her with a pipe and steals the cab.  This was a bad move on Brier’s part because Acres would then track him down and put his head through the cab roof in time for Tracy to arrest him.

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