Cole Lector

Mr. Cole Lector was an art collector who was horribly disfigured, driving him to collect very beautiful things in his home collection.  Lector also had prosthetics applied to his face, returning his handsome features and was known as a philanthropist, giving money to charities.  Still, Lector was upset at the ugly world and he became obsessed with making society beautiful.  He hired artist Dab Stract to produce an ugly piece of work featuring prominent individuals in the city and then had a hired man named Parc kidnap those people, including Chief Lizz.  His intention was to hold them all captive in his home and use their knowledge to create his perfect society.  During the crisis, Dick Tracy snuck into his home and Lector attempted to kill him with a crossbow. Tracy was dead to rights in front of Lector when Dab Stract revealed himself and shot Mr. Cole Lector dead with a bow and arrow.

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