Dr. Orta

DrOrtaDr. Orta was a weak little doctor who was obsessed with the body’s vascular system, particular the heart and it’s arteries.  In many strip panels, Dr. Orta’s office is shown with a beautifully painted mural of the blood vessel system on the wall.  Dr. Orta hired his foster son Smallmouth Bass to kidnap Olympic champion and football star, “Pigskin” Parson and then kill him.  After the murder, Smallmouth delivered the body to the large and dangerous Dr. Olga who removed the Olympic champion’s heart and preserved it in a specially made box, she expected the hefty fee of $6000 in return.  When police found the box and heart in a bus station locker before Smallmouth could pick it up, Orta refused to pay.  Smallmouth was very afraid of Olga but promised his father he’d confront her but she produced a recording of her and Dr. Orta where the latter promised Smallmouth Bass’s heart in addition to the $6000.  It appears Orta planned to give his son an Olympian’s heart, but Smallmouth didn’t see it that way and sided with Olga, dragging his foster father back to Olga’s lab where they wrestled the weak doctor to gurney and removed his heart.  Dr. Orta’s body was later hidden inside a scarecrow in a farmer’s field and discovered by a boy firing his new rifle on Christmas day.

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