Dr. S. Tim Sail

TimSailDr. S. Tim Sail was a scientist with skills in genetics, plastic surgery and advanced brainwashing techniques.  Although not initially known, Sail worked for the underworld criminal organization, the Consortium with his primary goal to attain one of Diet Smith’s grounded Space Coupes.

Dr. Sail teamed up with Dr. Zy Ghote to “recreate” Junior Tracy’s first wife, Moon Maid, who was killed in a car bomb.  Ghote was a nobel prize-winning geneticist who had faked cloning of Mumbles many years early.  Together they took a Moon Maid look-a-like, Glenna Ermine and surgical changed her appearance and applied the original Moon Maid’s DNA to her body.  Finally they wiped her original personality and rebuilt a Mysta personality.

With Mysta rebuilt, they approached Diet Smith to show off their “cloning” of Moon Maid, offering to do the same for Smith and also asking that Mysta be returned to her family on the Moon.  This was in fact a ruse to get their hands on the Space Coupe, which Diet insisted was grounded.  While meeting with Diet Smith and Tracy and the industrialists headquarters, a Consortium enforcer named Bardoll who accompanied the doctors snuck off and attempted to steal the spaceship, killing a security guard in the process.  Diet, Tracy and Sam foiled the theft and Bardoll was killed while Doctors Sail and Zy Ghote were taken in for questioning.

Dr. Ghote’s main objective was to gain Diet Smith’s support for his actual cloning dreams and was upset with Sail for the situation but the two remained together and were released.  A new Consortium agent, Méliès was assigned to them and a new plot to obtain the Space Coupe was hatched.  Ghote approached Diet, claiming to have split from Dr. Sail and told Diet the truth, that Mysta was really Glenna Ermine.  Aghast at what had been done to her, Diet took Ghote in the Space Coupe through a terrible rainstorm to the George Wheaton farm where Mysta, Sparkle, Dick Tracy and his team were laying a sting for Hy Pressure of the criminal group the Apparatus.

The Space Coupe arrived and in the mess of action and chaos on the farm as multiple people with different motives collided, Dr. Sail, Zy Ghote and a pilot named Flash Monro boarded the Space Coupe and took off.  Diet noticed the vessel moving away and immediately used his remote to send it into deep space.  It is unclear if he was aware there was anyone on board, but when last we saw Dr. Sail, he and his passengers were on a collision course for Jupiter.


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