Ed Garcia

EdGarciaEd Garcia was the nephew of Big Boy’s dame, Texie Garcia and worked at Diet Smith Industries on a top-secret beam weapon.  That weapon was designed to disperse large mobs or disable a vehicle with a focused burst.  However, Diet became concerned about its use as a deadly weapon and closed the program.  Not long after he fired Ed Garcia for undisclosed offenses.  Garcia hid the weapon prototype away in a Smith Industries storage locker and contacted a middleman named Pouch to pass word on to Willie the Fifth that he had both the plans and prototype for this beam weapon for sale.  The Fifth accepted the offer and met Garcia at the storage locker with his partner Flyface and a hostage Lizz Worthington in tow.  Fifth planned to test the prototype on Lizz, but when Flyface tried to walk on him, he turned it on his partner instead.  Flyface was fried dead and Fifth turned to Lizz with Garcia standing next to him.  At this time, Dick Tracy arrived on fired on Fifth, hitting the weapon and the resulting explosion killed both him and Garcia.

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