Figment Froid

A scientific genius, Dr. Figment Froid was unfortunately crazy and paranoid.  After he was hired by Diet Smith, Froid created a hand-held device to read the mind of any person.  Diet was excited, but also worried about the application of the device and gave it to Dick Tracy, a person he trusted, to try out as a crime fighting tool.  unfortunately for Diet, Figment Froid moral compass pointed evil and the doctor was listening in on all thoughts as Tracy used the device.  When he found out Tess and Dick had just inherited five million dollars, he sprang into action, calling the back to have the money delivered in cash to the Tracy’s and using a second feature of the device to erase their memories so he could take the package with the money for himself.  Dick began to recover from the device and suspiciously followed Froid to his lab at Diet Smith Industries and subdued him after a brawl.  He used the memory device to reveal Figment’s plans to Diet Smith and the Police and Froid was hauled off to jail.

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