Flakey Biscuits

FlakeyBiscuitsMrs. Flakey Biscuits owned the Flakey Biscuits Company with a wholesome loved reputation for good food.  Mrs. Biscuits aired a daily cooking show that helped promote this image, but in reality she was a harsh taskmaster with a sinister side that was involved in the drug trade.

In 2011 Flakey sent her top aide Hot Rize with several bags of flour to Sunny Dell Acres after Gravel Gertie gave birth to Attitude Plenty.  Gertie was a big fan and wrote many letters.  The flour bags got mixed up with cocaine and Hot Rize had to make a return trip to swap the bags.  When the driver Earl started to ask questions she shot him dead, leading to a police investigation.  The police soon found drugs in the Flakey Biscuits factory and Hot Rize fired on the cops before hiding in a flour hopper.  While her features were hidden, a woman wearing Flakey’s bracelet turned on the hopper, killing Rize.

Flakey Biscuits then told the police she had been forced by Hot Rize to keep quiet on the drug operation and offered to rat out the entire operation in exchange for immunity and witness protection.  Tracy and Sam both suspected Flakey was more involved but with no evidence conceded she would probably get her wishes.

Within the month, we were introduced to Blaze Rize, twin sister to Hot Rize.  Panda, working for Mr. Crime offered up Flakey’s witness protection location in exchange for Blaze’s services for Mr. Crime.  Blaze tracked Ms. Biscuits down to her new life in Wisconsin and shot her dead.


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