Flossie had an affair with a counterfeiter named Ivy who arranged to have her 10 year old daughter Spec kill her husband.  After the murder, Flossie and Ivy were married and went on honeymoon aboard a cruise ship, leaving her daughter behind.  Tracy investigated the shooting and refused to believe Spec was the gun-girl and soon got a lead on Ivy.  Ivy suspected Flossie had been the one to turn him in and tried to throw her overboard but she foresaw this and shoved Ivy into the drink instead.  The mother then returned to the police station to tell the police all about Ivy and reclaim her daughter.  Ivy would survive the fall (losing an arm to sharks) and caught up to Flossie at the station.  Setting fire to several cars as a diversion, Ivy entered into the station and killed Flossie.

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