Frank Flunke

Frank Flunke was a City U College security guard who worked with Fiendish Fred and the All Purpose Gang to steal millions of dollars.  Frank stole a body from a funeral home and staged it on campus so it appeared a murder had taken place.  He later shot and killed a mugger named Sticker Steve, claiming that Steve had been the murderer.  Flunke then perusaded the Dean to allow him to beef up campus security, brining in All Purpose Gang members as security guards.  The criminals snuck in over a hundred foreign terrorists who took college students hostage.  During the massive police stand-off with the hostages, The All Purpose Gang went on a unrestricted crime spree in the city.  When they were done, Frank shot Fiendish Fred and took his place as gang leader.  Frank and the gang loaded their loot onto a cargo ship and thought they had escaped but Fiendish Fred survived the shooting and told Tracy the escape plan.  Police raided the vessel and Flunke was shot dead by Dick Tracy.

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