Habe Corpussle

HabeCorpussleHabe Corpussle was the attorney of Posie Ermine, a perfume bootlegger and murderer.  Habe first was seen getting Posie’s daughter Mindy and business partner Madam Parfum out on bond after they assaulted Lizz in Parfum’s shop.

Corpussle owned the J and X Florist Shop for Posie and he took the two women there where he was hiding Posie from the police.  The four slept in the basement and unknown to them Dick Tracy and his team had followed.  Tracy entered the shop at night and discovered Posie and the others.  In short order, all were captured and arrested.

Habe at least must have escaped imprisonment as the same year Habe again appeared, this time as the attorney for the Hair Bandits.  With the bandits arrested and in the interview room, Habe arrived in time to keep them from speaking about their part in a criminal organization involving The Painted Lady.

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