Hy Jacky

HyJackyDuring Dick Tracy’s investigation into hair bandits fronted by the Painted Lady, Tracy arranged a meeting with the Painted Lady herself, Miss Intro. On the night of “date”, Tracy found Intro murdered in her suite. A number of clues were found at the scene of the crime, the most telling was a bloody palm print with a missing middle finger.

The obvious suspect for the case was Hy Jacky, Miss Intro’s boyfriend and the recipient of The Painted Lady club. Jacky was a member of a Martin and lewis Style Comedy act called Jacky and Breeze. When they called Jacky to the station for questioning, Hy matched none of the pieces of evidence and had a five-fingered hand.

HyJacky_GolfOnMoonDick was unconvinced of Hy’s innocence and he, Lizz and Junior spent a great deal of time with Jacky, feigning friendship to get a better look at his palm print. Tracy invites Hy to join him and Diet for a spectacular game of golf on the Moon where Tracy questioned Hy about his strange golf grip and proceeds to pull off his fake middle finger. Confronted with killing Miss Intro, Hy got violent and dueled Tracy with golf clubs. Both men were beaten bloody by the time the Governor of the Moon arrived to stop the fight. Hy confessed to the murder of Intro, who had fallen in love with another man and planned to change her will. The Governor, claiming the Moon is his domain took Jacky into custody and promised Moon justice, which involved execution in the hot springs of Moon Valley. An extradition treaty was proposed and lucky for Hy, an exception made.

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