Jimmy Gander

JimmyGanderJimmy Gander was a gambling czar who had been arrested dozens of times and had an unspecified falling out with the 52 Gang.  When the King of Spades stole the Space Coupe, he used it to eliminate problem individuals.  Unfortunately for Jimmy, he was one of them and they used the Space Coupe to force his vehicle off the road and took him aboard the coupe.  The gang then killed Jimmy and hung him from the steeple of the Northdale Union Station, far out of reach of any crane or ladder.

To add insult to injury, the gang also left a note, “The goose hangs high,” to Gander’s wife who appeared upset about her missing husband, but the alcohol consumption and lengths of her tear sessions couple have been faked.  In any case his body was recovered and it was another clue that gangland now had the Space Coupe.

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