Larry Kleen

LarryKleenLarry Kleen, (Mr. Kleen) is a very high priced and effective criminal lawyer who works for the Apparatus, a global criminal organization.  In 2012 when the new Mr. Crime joined with the Apparatus, Mr. Kleen was instrumental in getting many of the charges against his employees dismissed. Those he has lawyered for include B-B Eyes, Mumbles and Doubleup. He was also a lawyer for Abner Kadaver, but could nothing to resolve his 30 something murder charges.  After the death of the new Mr. Crime, Kleen has been seen still working for the Apparatus.  Larry has been shown to stay habitually clean and avoids contact with those he represents.

One Response to Larry Kleen

  1. Hairy Reasoner says:

    “Larry has been shown to stay habitually clean”

    Must be a lot of blood on his hands

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