Mickey Gaines

Son of health resort owner “Pop” Gaines, Mickey became involved up with Rono “Nails” Wolley who was moving stolen jewelry through the resort.  After a heist gone wrong, Mickey and Rono’s crew briefly took a gem dealer hostage but Mickey chickened out and ran before Wolley could kill the dealer, thus escaped capture when Dick Tracy swooped in.  Mickey fled to the garage of a friend named Scardol who had a racket robbing gas stations.  Mickey’s father and Tracy tracked the pair down and Scardol shot Pop, wounding him badly and tied them both up, intending to bury them in concrete.  Mickey then had a change of heart and free’d his father and Tracy.  In the ensuing fight Scardol was knocked down into the concrete and died.  Afterwards Mickey saved his father’s life by giving him a blood transfusion.

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