Miss Egghead

Miss Egghead bred roosters for fighting and when she discovered her employee Miguel had sold her prize gamecock to a lab she flew into a rage and beat him badly with a bronze trophy. Miguel died soon after and Miss Egghead fled to Cuba, posing as an actress. When Detective Wunbrow of the Cuban Secret Service confronted her in her hotel room she stabbed him and ran for it. She sought help from a criminal named the Dropper who could get her back to the United States for $1000 but Dick Tracy was on her trail and when the Dropper’s men captured him she paid them $5000 to abandon Tracy on an empty island.

With a hurricane approaching Cuba, Miss Egghead demanded the Dropper fly her to another country but the Dropper locked her into a rooster pen instead. Detective Wunbrow would arrive in time to free Egghead and as the floodwaters rushed in the two rowed the front door as a raft seeking safety. Miss Egghead did not survive the storm, she was implaed by flying debris and killed.

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