Mr. Pops

Mr. Pops once worked for a company smuggling weapons to South America before he was arrested after a whistle-blower ratted him out to the FBI.  Pops tracked that whistleblower down, he was now named Ringo and was the ringmaster at the O’Connell circus.  Mr. Pops joined the troupe as a clown, planning to kill Ringo.  unfortunately, there was competition, several other circus performers also wanted Ringo dead once he started blackmailing them over their past lives.  Mr. Pops helped strong woman Barb Els shoot Louise Trapeze dead during her act to keep her from killing Ringo first.  This brought the investigations of Dick Tracy and FBI Agent Ennen.  Pops quickly took control of the situation though and held a gun on the two investigators, backing them into a tiger cage.  He planned for the two to be killed and the blame pinned on Ringo. He was unprepared for Fee Fi the Giant and Della Contessa the fat lady to rescue to the two and Pops then had to run, firing his weapon to keep Tracy and Ennen pinned down.  Mr. Pops climbed on top of the tiger cage where the giant Fee Fi grabbed him.  The clown fired wildly, badly wounding Fee Fi who dropped him into the tiger cage.  Tracy debated killing the tiger to save Pops but Barb Els solved the dilemma by calming the tiger down.  Mr. Pops was arrested for assault and attempted murder.


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