Oily was a large, rich oil man, who enjoyed excitement and pleasure in equal portions.  With a gang of thugs, a loyal dame and a criminal Lawyer named Slick, Oily was surprised to learn his technique of buying gasoline low and selling high was in fact, not a crime.  Wanting to commit actual crime, he and Slick launched a plot to steal fuel from a local oil refinery.  The plot went bad (of course) and after one of his men captured Dick Tracy and Lizz and then crashed a fuel truck into a garage, Oily led the gang in search of the famous detective.  Oily wanted to be the one to kill him, proving his criminal nature.  A fire and explosion drove Oily and Slick off, killing the rest of the gang, and the two sought refuge from a blizzard inside the engine room of a very large wind turbine.  When a local lunatic named Don Quick Oatie got stuck on a turbine blade, Slick went out to investigate and fell from the engine mount to his death which in turn started an electrical fire.  With no way out, Oily either burned to death in the engine room or was killed with the windmill fell to the ground.  Don Quick Oatie would survive by falling into the snow.

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