Penny D’Buckworth

PennyDBuckworthPenny D’Buckworth was the wife of David Dierdorf D’Buckworth was commonly referred to a 3-D by his business partners because of his name and his creation of 3D movies that did not require glasses to watch. David may have actually lifted this technology from a partner, in fact he stepped on many toes and trumped-up charges and blackmailed many business partners on his way to billionaire status.  When several of his former board members left to for Whrli Enterprises, David vowed vengeance and with Penny’s help to identify a body acquired from the morgue, staged his own death. Tracy began investigating his “death” and during this time he lived on the streets handing out $1000 bills to those who did good deeds.  He also leaked information to the press that brought about the arrest and downfall of Whrli Enterprises.  When Tracy finally tracked him down, he tried to run but was tackled by Tracy.  At first several homeless moved to help him, but after they learned of his deceptions, they helped Tracy subdue David.  Penny arrived in the park at this time and held a gun on everyone, wanting to kill David for his failings but she was disarmed by the homeless men and also subdued.

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