Piggot E. Bank

Piggot E. Bank is a nefarious financier who will go to any length to obtain more money.  Often called Piggy, he was a large man pig faced man who lived in a penthouse in one of the cities skyrises with his wife Greedelia.  When Piggot found out about Mendell Peas biofuel discovery 100 times more powerful than gasoline, he hired the farmer Grimley Reaper and his men to kill Mendell and then new farm owners Stink and Aroma Plenty while trying to get his hands on the additive.  While Tracy would capture or kill all of Grimley’s men, Reaper himself escaped with the new fuel to Piggy’s penthouse.  Piggot took the fuel and had Grimley thrown out the window.  Flying to Houston, Piggy tried to sell the biofuel to oil companies for one billion dollars, thinking they would want to squelch the discovery.  When the oil companies tested the fuel, they found it smelled like pig manure when used and the public would never buy it.  Laughed out of Houston, Piggy returned to the Plenty farm where B.O. Plenty caught him and released some hungry penned up pigs on him.  Piggy was nearly eaten before slipping away from the swarming pigs and running off naked into the country side.

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