Representative Milrey

Representative Milrey was a corrupt politician paid by Big Boy to be his political fixer.  The lawyer Spaldoni warned Milrey and hoodlum Jimmy White to get out of the country after Big Boy’s arrest.  The three arranged to meet the two again on Feb 18th, 1935 in New York. After Jimmy White was killed while trying to abduct Jean Penfield, Spaldoni called Milrey back to help him get revenge on Penfield.  Spaldoni killed Jean and the two arranged the scene to look like a jealous Tess Trueheart was the murderer.  When Tracy determined that Spaldoni was behind the murder Milrey took up a weapon and helped the gang escape to an old steel mill.  There in a second gun fight Tracy shot Spaldoni dead and Milrey was trapped in a pit and arrested.

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