Shaun Levitz

ShaunShaun Levitz was a white collared criminal who worked with Doubleup during a shake down of the new comic book based Scarlet Sting movie.  Among his duties, Doubleup sent him out on the street to find a woman who could play the role of the sidekick Ponytail.  For this role Shaun found the runaway, Emma Parks.  When Doubleup killed Ms. Parks, he sent Shaun out to find another woman.  During the time he was out, Doubleup was captured by Haku Kou and Dick Tracy and Shaun was arrested on his return.

Levitz never re-appeared in the strip, but during a March 2012 intermission story, we learned that Shaun had been made to disappear by the assassin, Abner Kadaver.  Shaun’s vanishing act resulting in Doubleup escaping prison.

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