A criminal lawyer who worked for Slick, Doze, Boil and Bubble Attorneys at Law.  When his client Oily found himself in jail for price gouging, Slick got him out by pointing out buying low and selling high is not a crime.  Afterwards, Oily asked for hiw lawyer’s advice on what he might do and Slick suggested stealing fuel from a nearby oil refinery along the coast.  Slick would stick with Oily during the crime and when it went bad, with Dick Tracy caught in a burning building, Slick tried to convince his client to leave Tracy alone.  Oily didn’t listen of course, and most of his gang was killed while Slick and Oily escaped into a blizzard, hiding out in the engine room of a nearby giant wind turbine.  When a lunatic named Don Quick Oatie got stuck on one of the windmill blades, Slick tried to go out and investigate and fell off the windmill, killing himself.  Oily would die soon after when the turbine caught fire and toppled over.

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