Smallmouth Bass

SmallMouthBassSmallmouth Bass was the foster son of Dr. Orta, a vascular doctor who sought to buy a heart from the dangerous Dr. Olga for $6000.  Smallmouth served as the middleman and killed an Olympic champion named “Pigskin” Parson using a limousine modified to pipe carbon monoxide into the backseat.  After Pigskin was killed, Olga removed the poor athlete’s heart and stored it in a special box to keep it alive. The box was placed in a bus station locker but before Smallmouth Bass could retrieve it, the police took possession of the box, thinking it was a bomb.

Having done her part, Olga still wanted her $6000 and Dr. Orta was unwilling to pay and refusing to listen to Smallmouth’s objections.  Smallmouth had a small gun and went to Olga, intending to protect his father, but Olga produced a recording of her and his father.  During the recording, Dr. Orta revealed he also intended to give Olga his son’s heart.  It is implied he intended to transplant the Olympian’s heart into Smallmouth, but Smallmouth saw it as a betrayal and confronted his father and dragged him back to Olga’s.  Together Smallmouth Bass and Dr. Olga removed his foster father’s heart.

The police were investigating the heart and linked it to Pigskin Parson’s body in the harbor and began to close in on Smallmouth Bass.  Olga showed Smallmouth the size of her heart transplanting operation and the two rented a car to go into the country to dispose of Orta’s body and destroy some evidence.  Tracy, who was aware of the car rental hid in the trunk and confronted the two in a building in the country.  The two got the better of Tracy and tied him up with a horse halter and lit the building on fire.  Before they could escape, Smallmouth Bass was killed, shot dead by Tracy who had a gun hidden in his ankle holster.  Dr. Olga fled but was later apprehended after a car accident.

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  1. Kevin Pufall says:

    I’m trying to find out what Tracy was carrying as an ankle gun in the Smallmouth Bass story line. Any idea?

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