SweatboxSweatbox’s real name is Simon Baux but proudly bears the name “Sweatbox” because of his addiction to high intensity workouts that cause him to sweat profusely.  A friend of Mayor Armstrong, Simon was secretly a serial killer and responsible for a number of missing persons through the years.  Simon’s first kill came as a young man in 1947 but his brother Stephen was convicted of the murder but Stephen’s wife forced Simon to write a confession and put it in a lockbox.  Sweatbox then overpowered the woman and killed her and buried her and the blockbox in the Camp Freedom Internment camp which was then covered over by the new Lake Freedom.

Seventy years later, when Lake Freedom was drained for dam repairs, the confession and body were both found and questions asked.  Simon claimed ignorance to the police, even when a young girl named Toad hit a softball through his brothers crypt window finding his victims from the previous decades.

Baux’s assistant Jonah identified the little girl who had broken the crypt and Sweatbox took his car out and lured Toad into the vehicle where he tied her up.  The Mole, a reformed criminal, was livid and tracked down Sweatbox while the creepy old man ransomed Toad in exchange for George Tawara taking the rap for the murders.  The Mole pulled Toad from the car and battled Sweatbox is a no holds brawl in night time rain and mud.  Toad beaned Sweatbox in the head with a softball and as Dick Tracy and Lee Ebony showed up in a squad car Simon dove into his own vehicle and took off. Racing down a slick road and bleeding into his eyes, Sweatbox went out of control and his vehicle flipped on to train tracks.  An oncoming train was unable to stop in time and uttery destroyed the vehicle and Simon Baux inside.


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