Tommy McConny

An elderly woman named Mary Steele (Junior’s birth mother) is struck and killed by a golf ball as she cared for two small children in a home bordering a gold course.  The golfer, Tommy McConny takes the two kids with him and later releases them on the city streets.  Tommy, who is using the alias Geo. Pardy is recognized as a local philanthropist and contacted by Dick Tracy when Pardy’s name surfaces as a possible golfer at the time.

At first, he denies having anything to do with the incident until one of the two children identifies him as the one who took them away the day the day the elderly woman was struck. Tracy takes note that Pardy (McConny) has mutilated fingerprints and has his prints taken and sent for proper identification, questioning why he would not report the golf ball incident since it was an apparent accident. In checking the prints, it was quickly found that Pardy is actually McConny who was convicted in 1921 of the murder of Police Chief Moyson. Before the sentence of death by hanging could be carried out, McConny escaped from custody. “The gallows is still waiting for you”, he is informed as Tracy, Sam Catchem and Pat Patton confront the fugitive in the second floor of his mansion home.

McConny quickly admits he is the fugitive, but he quickly fingers a remote control device which drops a bulletproof glass between him and the officers. McConny attempts to escape down the side of the house holding onto a wire from a lightning rod. However, as one of the stones on the structure breaks, he is thrown into ivy vines growing up the side of the house. McConny struggles, but becomes entrapped in the vines and they become twisted around his neck. Upon getting out of the house, Tracy is directed to the dead body of McConny hanging limp in the vines. “The ivy vine did in five seconds what the gallows couldn’t do in 40 years”, Tracy observes shortly before the body of McConny is removed from the building.

Special Thanks to John Perin for the history of Tommy McConny

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