Trendy Lee-Mobile

TrendyTrendy Lee-Mobile was the wife of Uppward Lee-Mobile and his partner in the Lee-Mobile Trading company, which was in fact a ponzi scheme.  She and Uppward began by taking investment money from members of high society, such as the Mayor.  After the initial investors joined, they began using investments from other individuals, such as Diet Smith employee Walter Strong and paid off the first investors with extremely high rates of return. (40%).  Because of the great returns, investors began to flood in, lining the pockets of the Trading company.  When Walter Strong demanded his one million dollar investment back, Trendy took matters into her own hands and killed the man while he was jogging with fingernails coated in a rare Indian poison that triggered a heart attack. This development scared Uppward, but Trendy convinced him it was the best course of action.

Diet Smith asked Tracy to investigate Strong’s death, and Dick visited Uppward in his office.  Lee-Mobile immediately began berating the detective on harassment and unsubstantiated accusations, which of course would make any investigator suspicious.  Tracy left, sure something was wrong and asked Vitamin Flintheart to pretend to be interested in investing in Lee-Mobile’s trading company to see what he could uncover and Vitamin confirmed the trading company was just a sham.  By this point Tracy and Lizz suspected Uppward’s wife Trendy was a murderer and attempted to arrest her during a drug buy, but it turned out she was buying Jamaican coffee.  After a failed arrest attempt, they pretended to give up on the shady couple.  Tracy apologized to Uppward, and took him up on use of his exercise center.  Tracy worked out with Uppward and Trendy and after he revealed his suspected Trendy of murder, Uppward knocked him out cold with a weight.  Trendy put him in a very hot sauna, hoping he’d died naturally but Tracy awoke escaped, collapsing outside the sauna.  Trendy next proposed they drop the detective down an elevator shaft, but Sam’s arrival threw a wrench into the plans and Uppward fell to his death instead.  Trendy poisoned her nails, hoping to kill Sam and Tracy, but was caught before she could follow through.  Trendy was easily sentenced for murder.

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