Tucker Hennessy Jr.

Tucker Hennessy Jr.’s real name was never revealed, but his father was J. Tucker Hennessy and his sister Rachel Hennessy. Tucker Jr. may have been involved with future Governor Smart in the sale of the Hennessy mansion to Smart.  It is likely Tucker shot his father before making it appear a suicide, either because he was upset over the mansion sale or to force the sale to Smart.  His sister Rachel would be killed years later in a car accident that may have been arranged by the Governor. A couple years after that as Governor Smart planned to demolish the mansion for a super highway, Tucker Hennessy Jr. took Smart hostage at gunpoint in the mansion during a sleep over charity event.  Dick Tracy confronted Tucker Jr. and lured him on to a deck on the roof of the mansion and Tucker fell to his death when a bulldozer hit the house.  The bulldozer ended up driving over Tucker’s inert form.

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