Dick Tracy Stories – 1935

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Flashback to Cutie Diamond and the Arsons (November – May)
The following story occured before Dick Tracy became a Police officer.
Boris and Zora Arson plan to plant nitro in six safes around the country and simultaneously rob them before authorities can act.  The government is tipped off by mary Steele who is working as Boris’s maid and Tracy is deputized to deal with Boris.  Boris finds out about Tracy and tries to have him killed but fails.  Boris and his gang escape to an airport with Tracy and Pat Patton in pursuit.  One of Boris’s men, B-2, captures Tracy and Patton, but when Boris’s attention is elsewhere Patton trades places with a gang member and slips onboard the plane and stops it.  Enraged, Boris went to kill Tracy, but Tracy managed to get free and subdue Boris’ gang.
Later, in jail, Boris managed to get hold of Pat’s gun and shoot his way out of headquarters. He made his way to a hideout and had one of his men bring Mary Steele to him. He had Mary call Tracy to the hideout, but not one to fall for the ruse, Tracy came prepared with a police posse.  Boris soon found himself in jail once again, and shortly after, he began to receive coded letters from his sister Zora who advised him to carve a gun out of a potato and dye it black with iodine. Using this idea, he was able to break out once again, much to the dismay of Chief Brandon who had let him cook in his cell and have potatoes in the first place. Boris and Zora then decided that the best way for Boris to get out of the city would be to marry the daughter of Indian Chief Yellowpony and leave as a married couple. Yellowpony quickly saw through their scheme and found himself, along with his wife and daughter, hostage. He bailed out of Boris’ car and got Tracy, while Boris and Zora dumped the two women and went to hide out with Cutie Diamond.
Boris and Zora made their way to Diamond’s hideout in the Ozark Mountains. Heavily fortified, Cutie had been hiding out there for years. He even hasa hideaway in a cave guarded by two wildcats. It was this that he was showing the Arsons when Tracy, Patton and Yellowpony showed up. Unable to get past the wildcats, Tracy connected a hose to his car’s exhaust and pumped it into the cave. Zora and Cutie came running out, guns blazing, but they were shot down. Boris hid in the cave until Tracy fired a machine gun into it and a ricochet bullet caught Boris. Wounded, he was taken away.

Bookie Joe (May – September)
Bookie Joe ran the gambling syndicate of the city with his partner Blake. When one of Joe’s customers, Mark Masters, got hard up for money, he shot Joe and took his cash. Toby Townly, Mark’s girl, stayed behind and took Joe to the hospital where he recuperated. He managed to escape the hospital before Tracy got there and he had his man Blake kill Mark. Tracy cracked down on Joe’s gambling outfits and in return, Joe had Blake kidnap Tess. Joe, Blake and Tess ended up in the Fairground stables surrounded by the police. Toby was sent in as a negotiator, but before anything could be accomplished, Blake broke an oil lamp, setting the stables on fire. In the confusion, Toby and Blake were arrested, but Joe fell through the stable floor and was hung by a horse harness. Later at headquarters, Blake took a pen gun from his shoe, shot the officer on duty and pinned it on Toby. Toby was in jail briefly, but Tracy was able to prove Blake was the guilty party and she was set free.

The Famon Brothers (September – December)
After being released from prison, Cut returns home to live with his brother Muscle and mother Maw. Cut put hi right-hand man Bail Gordon in charge of his protection racket, but when Bail fails to meet Cut’s expectations, he’s beaten and taken off the job. Cut later dupes Tracy into signing a promissory note that he would later put his name on as the party leasing the money, and use it to blackmail Tracy. Bail reveals himself though as G-man Jim Trailer and arrests Cut and Muscle. Before he can get them to headquarters, Cut triggers a secret alarm, and Maw comes to rescue her boys. She arrives as Tracy does, resulting in a shootout that leaves Maw and Muscle dead. Cut gets away and starts to form a gang again. Tracy infiltrates the gang in disguise and clues Trailer and Patton in on the gang’s process. Along the way, Tracy ends up inadvertently injured and while he’s unconscious, Cut and his gang uncover his disguise. They rough up Tracy and take him for a ride to where they plan to dump him. On the way, they’re stopped by Trailer, Patton and the police, resulting in a shootout. Cut and his man Kent survive and are handcuffed. Cut tricks Trailer into triggering the machine guns hidden in their car which mow down several officers. Cut and Kent try to get away, but they’re shot to death.
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