Dick Tracy Stories – 1936

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The Gothorn Murder (January – February)

When Addie Gothorn is found dead in a hotel, Tracy teams up once again with Jim Trailer to find the killer. A bullet hole was apparent in the back of Gothorn’s head, but there was no bullet to be found. Shortly after, the same thing happens to a bellhop. Athnel’s eyeglasses had been found at the scene of the crime, so Junior is disguised as a bellhop to spy on him. After Junior barely dodges an ice bullet, Tracy and Trailer break into Athnel’s room and they soon find the refrigeration unit for his bullets. Apparently Athnel had worked once for Gothorn but had many of his ideas stolen and so he got his vengeance. Athnel comes back and finds Tracy and Trailer, who decide to keep Athnel at bay until his bullets melt. Athnel was arrested and his guns taken to Washington by Trailer.

Lips Manlis  (February – May)
Lips Manlis had been one of the main suspects in the Gothorn murder case until Tracy learned that the true murderer was Athnel Jones. After the case was solved, Tracy went through Gothorn’s personal effects and saw how Gothorn had owed Lips over $100,000. He sent the word out to arrest Lips, but Lips heard the announcement on the radio before they got to his hideout, so he rigged the elevator with dynamite so Tracy and the police would be blown up when they arrived. Lips had his valet Memphis Smith try to lure Tracy and the police into the elevator, but the nervous Memphis gave away Lips plan. Lips and his gang were arrested and while in jail, Tracy got Lips to go straight. Lips shaved his mustache, changed his name to Bob Honor and agreed to help Tracy.

Mimi and Toyee (May – September)
Mimi was the girlfriend of former gangster Lips Manlis. After Lips reformed and became Bob Honor, he refused to associate with Mimi or his old gang anymore. Angry, Mimi arranged for the warehouse Bob was guarding to be burnt down so he would be fired. However, Bob wasn’t on duty at the time and he even found the firebomb, making him a hero. They then resorted to kidnapping him, but while Mimi was out on an errand, Lips broke free, arrested the gang and started to haul them to headquarters. Mimi got back in time to see what was happening, so in an attempt to prevent it, she swerved her car in front of Bob’s truck. The crash crippled her hand and she got away while Bob freed the captured gang from the burning truck and held them until Tracy arrived.
Mimi lost her hand and panicked, she went to dope-peddler Toyee’s boat to hide-out. Toyee captured Tracy and Pat when they came to his boat after Mimi and tried to drown them, but they were rescued by Chief Brandon and Junior. Toyee and Mimi got away to Toyee’s waterfront hideout, but Tracy quickly caught up to them. While Patton held Mimi captive, Tracy searched for Toyee who tried to hide inside a sturgeon carcass.  When he was discovered Toyee poisoned himself and fell into the bay and Mimi stabbed Patton with a knife and escaped back to her place and had her gang kidnap Lips and drug him. While he was drugged, Mimi married him and then proceeded to convert Lips back to his old ways. Tracy enlisted Kitty Manlis, Lips’ ex-wife, to find Lips and help him. When they arrived, Lips dropped Kitty and Tracy into a pit, making Tracy believe that Lips was once again crooked. Instead, Lips had done it to ensure Tracy’s safety while he captured Mimi’s gang. Realizing that she was beat, Mimi committed suicide by drinking a vial of poison.

The Purple Cross Gang (September – December)
The Purple Cross Gang was a group of bank robbers who had purple crosses tattooed on their tongues. Led by the man known as the Purple Cross Gang Boss, they simultaneously robbed banks in several towns before police had time to react. Tracy had been on the gang’s trail ever since he had unwittingly arrested one of their members. He suspected a man by the name of Maylie to be one of them, and went to an ex-politician and associate of Maylie’s named Shirtsleeve Kelton to find him. Shirtsleeve agreed to tell Tracy anything he found out and as the case progressed, he continued to give Tracy whereabouts of the gang which always proved to be faulty.
Meanwhile, the gang was disputing over how to share the money ever since Baldy had left the gang to go straight without taking his share. The gang forced the boss to agree to an even split, but fearing that the gang was about to be taken over by the traitorous Maylie, the boss later caught his own gang off guard and mowed them down with a machine gun. The boss then went after Baldy at Baldy’s home. When the boss arrived Baldy turned out the lights and managed to shoot and kill the boss when he accidentally knocked the refrigerator open in the darkness. Baldy was arrested and was about to be sentenced to death when Tracy testified on his behalf, knocking Baldy’s sentence down to twenty years.
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