Dick Tracy Stories – 1937

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The Perfume Gang

The Perfume Gang, consisting of Madeline, Julie and their leader, Marge, were perfume thieves. Requesting to see several different types of perfume, they would pour some of the most expensive perfume into a thermos strapped inside their coat, while the clerk was distracted getting another bottle. They sold their perfume to Madame, a perfume fence. As absurd as it sounds they made quite good money. Unfortunately, Madeline was cocky and decided to get a ride home from Tracy one day, and accidentally left her purse in the car. This purse contained, among other things, revolver shells. Upon discovering this, Tracy searched their abandoned apartment and found out their racket. He had Junior keep an eye out for the gang, and later Junior discovered their new hideout through risky means. Tracy later meets up with Madeline, who lures him into a trap where Tracy’s taken prisoner. However, Tracy manages to get free and take Madeline prisoner, and then simply wait for the other two members to arrive with the perfume fence, capturing the whole gang.

The Mintsworth Blackmailing
Local socialite Johnny Mintsworth is being blackmailed by a man named “Collie” Vinsso, who supposedly had incriminating photos of him with a female. It becomes too much for Johnny, so he takes it to the police who prove it to be fake, and with that, Tracy cracks down on the Vinsso gang. Johnny, in the mean time, tries to break his girlfriend Marge Denton out of prison, only to end up being arrested. Johnny escapes and goes to Danny Supeena for help. Supeena uses Mintsworth for insurance scams, including one to where Mintsworth is to fake his own death. He backs out and is shot by Supeena for it. He survives only to find out that Supeena killed his mother. Tracy uses Johnny to set a trap for Supeena, but Supeena catches on and kills Mintsworth. Tracy captures Supeena with the use of a tracer bullet and Supeena later dies in the hospital.

The Blank (October – )
When the remnants of Supeena gang go to kill Junior for fingering a couple of their cohorts, they find themselves stopped by the Blank. The Blank saves Junior and asphyxiates the two in his place. The Blank it really Frank Redrum and is slowly wiping out the rest of his gang that had tried to kill him years earlier. He tries to kill Stud Bronzen, the last member, and Tracy in a pressure tank. Patton gets the drop on the Blank, saves Tracy and Bronzen. Bronzen gets away, but the Blank is captured and unmasked.
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