Dick Tracy Stories – 1939

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Dick Tracy Goes to a Health Resort (January – March)

Tracy goes to “Pop” Gaines health resort to relax after the Karpse case, but before he can, he learns that a stolen gem ring is using one of Pop’s lakes as an exchange point. Pop helps Tracy observe until he learns that his son Mickey is involved and then he tries to burn the evidence of the gang. Tracy confronts Pop and gets him to help capture local health resort resident and gang leader, Nails Wolley. A bad heist resort to Mickey having to take one of the gem dealers, Jade hostage. Wolley goes to kill the dealer, and Mickey chickens out and runs off just as Tracy shows up. Wolley and two accomplices puts up quite a fight, but in the end the two gunmen are killed and Nails is captured. Mickey manages to flee to the garage of his friend

 The Gas Station Holdups (March – April)
After Mickey escapes the shootout between Wolley and Tracy, he goes to the hideout with an associate of his; Scardol. Scardol’s racket involves holding up filling stations, getting back to his garage, and changing the car’s plates and paint. After he shoots an officer who happens to show up at the wrong time, Tracy gets on the case. Scardol is ready for him though. He robs a filling station in the rain so the paint on his car runs off and leaves a trail back to his garage. Tracy, with Pop Gaines, follow it, Pop is shot, and both are captured. They are tied up and placed in front of a dam of concrete as Scardol prepares to release it. Suddenly Patton and the force show up, and Mickey gets a change of heart. He frees his father and Tracy, and Scardol is knocked down only to drown in their place. One minor note: Mickey saves his father’s life by giving him a blood transfusion.

Whip Chute and the Princes (April – July)

A body is found and with the help of Mickey Gaines’ wife Mitzi, it leads Tracy of the trail of Whip Chute. Whip and his partner execute a plan to take the places of two Bovanian princes. It turns out that they are posing as the princes so they can easily loot wealthy estates. Tracy suspects that’s Whip’s game when he finds busts of the two princes in Whip’s apartment. The two captive princes, meanwhile, set out a note for help and Junior came onto their location which was guarded over by a woman named Lilly. They all try to escape, but end up arrested and the princes set free. Whip learns that the two real princes have been discovered and so he and his partner try to escape. His partner, Relllik, is captured, and Whip falls to death when trying to climb down the marquee on the side of the building.

 Tess gets Engaged (July – September)
Edward Nuremoh, an old flame of Tess’s, shows up and begins to woo Tess from Tracy. She’s soon engaged to him and taken to the Nuremoh estate where she begins to suspect that the only reason that Edward is marring her is to guarantee his inheritance from Aunt Margot. On their wedding day, Aunt Margot is killed and Edward’s brother Karl is framed for it. Tess figures out hat Edward did it and for that, he tries to kill her. He ends up accidentally killing his true love, Lola, and decides to commit suicide by walking off a cliff.

 Tess and the Dogs (September – September)
After Nuremoh and Lola’s deaths, Lola’s brother John Lavir shows up and attempts to kill Tess by plowing his car into hers. Tess, rather confused, is enchanted by him and doesn’t press charges. Instead, she goes along with him and into his business of stealing dogs and reselling them. She soon begins to feel guilty and starts to return the dogs behind his back. He finds out and tries to get his dog with steel fangs to attack her. It turns on him and rips out his throat. Tess is held briefly on murder charges but is eventually released.

 The Fur King (September – October)
Tracy ends up on Nat Natnus, the Fur King’s case when he swipes a patrol car during a getaway. Nat dumps the furs on them, along with the child hostage. Tracy goes to the farm where the furs were stolen from and finds the imprint of their license plate on a newly-paintedfence. Tracy goes to their hideout in disguise and swipes a fur for examination. When it turns out to be stolen, they set a trap for Nat when he calls up a local fur dealer with a proposition. Nat shows up with the goods and Tracy pops out of a wall-papered over dressing room to arrest him.

Stooge Viller’s Last Days (October – December)

Stooge gets out of prison and hooks up with his friend Professor Emirc. Viller agrees to sell Emirc’s invented weapons to thugs on the street for a cut of the profits. Emirc’s specialty is using pigs’ feet tendons to fire pistols as they dry, killing victims after the criminal is gone. This odd trademark leads Tracy to him when he purchases his next order of pigs’ feet. Tracy shows up only to be captured and hung inside a well as Emirc and Viller burn the lab and escape. Tracy breaks free and manages to catch up to Viller who’s continuous attempts to win back his daughter Binnie become his downfall. When Viller finally goes to kidnap his daughter, Tracy’s waiting and a fight ensues. Binnie tries to stop the fight by pointing a gun, but it accidentally goes off, shoots her father and eventually leads to his death. At Stooge’s request, Tracy promises to watch over his daughter and tells Binnie that her father had just gone back to jail. Emirc escapes uncaught.
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