Dick Tracy Stories – 1941

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Crime Inc. (December – February)
Krome is a man who uses children’s toys as weapons, and decides to start his own killing business called Crime Inc. One of his toys fails to kill a victim though ,bringing in the police. Krome comes back to see why it hasn’t gone off and is not only greeted by the police, but his double-crossing moll, Kitty, as well. As she shoots Krome and Lowse from the back, Tracy throws the nitro from the toy from the front. Lowse is killed and the wounded Krome is abducted by Kitty. Krome gets the best of her, electrocutes her, and escapes with his gangrenous hand. He forces the driver of a radio station’s car to take him to a doctor. The driver uses a radio to alert the police to their location and is shot by Krome. Krome finds a doctor, has his hand amputated, and gets the doctor to arrange him a ride in a snowplow. Tracy comes across the doctor and is soon on Krome’s trail. In desperation, Krome hijacks the plow, crashes into a lake, and when he crawls out, he freezes to death.

The Depool Murders (February – May)
Selbert Depool was an escaped lunatic who kills his father at a health club. Afterwards, he hides out at the home of his mother, who had hated her husband as well. She goes to headquarters where she steals Selbert’s sweater, the only piece of evidence. This brings Tracy to the Depool home, alerting Mrs. Depool’s granddaughter Myrna, that something’s up. Luckily Selbert is hiding in an old cistern in the basement and is unseen by Tracy. The tension soon tears the group apart, Selbert is wounded, Mrs. Depool killed and the home burned down. Selbert escapes with plenty of cash and buys a bar to hide out. When one of his girls gets to nosy, he kills her and this brings the police after him. He hides out in a parade atop a float and it’s from there that he shoots Tracy. The float driver pulls under a low underpass, crushing the float and killing Selbert. Tracy is saved with a blood transfusion by a man named Constable Ferret.

Tale of Trigger Doom (May – July)
Trigger started dating a girl called Ginger Ferret, the daughter of a constable. Trigger robs a gas station and drives off with her, but on the way, a police car starts to chase them. Trigger cuts a corner too close and the car goes through a billboard. Trigger escapes but Ginger is burned alive. Constable Ferret joins up with Tracy and the two go after him. They chase him to his dairy farm where he runs his slot machine racket from, and he drops Tracy into a pit with a raging bull. Tracy’s saved when Constable Ferret shoots the bull, and they capture everyone but Trigger who gets away. Trigger goes to his boss Czar Rennis, but he doesn’t help him out and Trigger knows he’s going to be killed. So he decides to kill Czar first, going around town trying to hire a gun. When everyone refuses, he just shoots Czar himself. Tracy is able to piece the evidence together however, and soon Trigger is under custody.

Littleface Finney (July – September)
Littleface ran a stolen gem gang. When Littleface set one of his men (J.C.) on fire for leaving tell-tale evidence during a hit, he inadvertantly alerts the authorities to his activities.  Littleface escapes, killing several people, hijacking a taxi and nearly drowning in a pond before hiding out in a meat freezer. He’s badly frostbitten and is both saved and blackmailed by a man named Charlie Yenom. Yenom calls a physician to save Finny’s hands from frostbite but his ears are amputated.  Littleface calls his boys to pick him up and they try to sneak him out of Charlie’s apartment in a rolled rug. Tracy foresees this, and opens up a box of bees into the rug, exposing Littleface and making him easy to arrest.

Duke the Dip (September – December)
Duke was a petty thief who would rob a purse or business and pass it off to his girl Candy so he wouldn’t be caught with the cash. Tracy catches onto him when Tess’s purse is stolen and he tries to pin it on a reformed Steve the Tramp. Junior befriends Candy and soon leads Tracy to their hideout. Tracy is captured when he gets there. Duke ties Tracy up and starts a sulfur fire in an attempt to asphyxiate him. Tracy manages to break a window though, and is saved by the fire dept. Duke pulls another heist and during the getaway, he runs into Steve the Tramp’s delivery truck, killing Candy, and he tries to set poor Steve up again. A witness testifies on behalf on Steve though, and Duke is soon on the run. It’s then that he decides to hide out in the lair of The Mole.

The Mole (September – December)
The Mole runs an underground motel for fugitives and takes Duke for all he’s got. Angered by the fact that The Mole took all of his cash, Duke tries to sneak out with Mole’s dough, but is caught and strangled. The Mole throws him into another sewer, but the body is found, along with Mole’s fingerprints on the manhole cover. Tracy and the force decide to dig around and find The Mole when the ground collapses, plunging Tracy right into his hideout. A fight ensues, but the two are separated when the tunnel collapses some more. Tracy finds his way out via the back entrance. The Mole digs his way out and is captured as he reaches the surface.
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