Dick Tracy Stories – 1947

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Influence (November – March)

Influence was hypnotist and leg breaker who tracked down people who had failed to pay back gambling debts. After killing a debter named Brine Douglas, Influence goes after Viamin Flintheart who owned him $20,000. Influence hypnotized Vitamin and turned him into a slave.Influence thenuses Vitamin to sweet talk and old friend and actress, Florance Lane, into coming to him. Influence slowly weans her out of her fortune and once her bank account is empty, he strangles her. He almost kills Patton along the way when Pat came close to arresting him. He places Patton inside of a refrigerator on top of a pile of burning garbage. Luckily Patton is saved with the use of his two-way wrist radio. The police surround Lane’s house that night, and Tracy goes in alone only to be subdued. Influence sneaks out in Tracy’s hat and coat with his partner and Vitamin at gunpoint, creating the illusion to the rest of the force that he is the real Tracy. Influence dumps both Vitamin and the coat after the escape, and it is found by a girl named Misty Water. She alerts Tracy and he soon catches up to Influence. Tracy prevents being hypnotized again by slapping Influence with a chain across the eyes and breaking his contact lenses.

Hypo (March – July)
A man named Hypo used dummy copies of a magazine named “Glance” to get him in the door of weathy home sso he could rob them. Misty Waters discovered the dead body of Mel Clark, son of the magazine publisher in her car. He had caught on to Hypo’s scheme. Another robbery by Hypo results in the death of a home owner, and Hypo needs to get out of town fast. He tries to sell his stolen camera to Eddie Johnson, who tells Dick Tracy. Hypo is shot eluding the police and his partners leave him to die. A neighbor doctorr fixes him up though and he finds and kills his cohorts. Tracy shows up at Hypo’s apartment and not only captures Hypo, but his partner Dahlia Dell, who had arrived to give him his stolen gems.

Junior’s Crimestoppers (July – October)
With his partners Lugi and Autumn Hews, Coffyhead sets out to discredit Junior’s Crimestoppers Club. First Autumn gets their trust when she pretends to have her purse stolen by Lugi. They rescue it and she treats all of them to ice cream. She then uses their trust to her benefit when she attempts to set them up for shoplifting. Luckily Tracy believes Junior’s story and is able to get them off the hook. Angry at his failure, Coffyhead just resorts to kidnapping Junior and Bronko. First he picks on them by shooting driedpeas at their bare backs, to get them to admit the stupidity of their club. When they don’t play along, he tries to gas them to death. Tracy and the police pretend that Junior and Bronko were really killed so Coffyhead will become cocky and sloppy. They do and Tracy is able to trace them to the Zabu Importing Company where Coffyhead gets some of his special coffees. It turns out to be a front for Coffyhead’s business, with a secret passage leading to Coffyhead’s filling station hideout. With the help of Junior, Zabu, Lugi and Coffyhead are arrested and Autumn continues on the run.
Autumn sneaks into Coffyhead’s workshop and tries to clean out his safe. The cop on duty catches her and she kills him. The other cops on the beat hear it and come after her. She grabs the cash, and jumps down a pit landing in a grease pan. She throws on an old jumpsuit, puts the cash in a tire and sneaks out in disguise. She’s a fugitive briefly, hiding out in a doghouse when the heat’s on, only to be humorously attacked by a dog when it returns. The owner sees the dog attacking something and goes out to see what it is. Autumn forces her back into the house keeping her hostage while she hides out. To get even, she burns the dog’s house down. Unfortunately for her, the fire attracts the attention of the police and fire department and Tracy finds the remains of her glasses in the ashes. Knowing she’s in the home, he soon has her in custody. In jail, Coffyhead and Lugi attempt a jailbreak by using a measuring tape to short out the prison lights. They foolishly duck into the room where Tracy, Patton and the rest were playing poker, and when the lights come back on, Lugi/Coffyhead panics and is shot.

Mumbles (October – December)
Mumbles was a villain who traveled around with a group called the Mumbles Quartette . They would get booked into ritzy parties and after their performances, they would rob their hosts. Kiss Andtell had been a singer for the group but when she learned of their crooked nature, she decided to go to the police. She was later kidnapped by Mumbles when she and Tracy showed up at one of the quartettes performances. Mumbles and the gang managed to get away with 60,000 on a boat and on the way, Mumbles got his cohorts drunk so he could get away with the cash and blow up the boat. He sets the timer on the bomb and sneaks away on a lifeboat in the middle of a storm . He believes that Kiss and his friends were killed but in fact they were saved at the last minute by Tracy when he arrives via helicopter. Mumbles continues to float on the ocean until he accidentally pops the life raft and seems to drown.
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