Dick Tracy Stories – 1949

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Catchem’s First Case (January – April)

Sam Catchem becomes Dick Tracy’s new parnter now that Pat Patton has been given the position of Police Chief.  Sam observes a woman named Sleet at police station bailing out someone believed to be part of Big Frost’s gang. She and Sam had crossed paths before and so Sam thought he could get her to help him track down the rest of Big Frost’s men. She tries to kill him instead, putting Tracy on her trail. Killing a restaurant manager on the way, she finally ends up hiding in the home of Mrs. India, and her large collection of taxidermy. The police show up, and Sleet panics, knocks Mrs. India unconscious with an ax, and escapes. She ran from rooftop to rooftop trying to get away and jumped on top of a roof top water tower. It collapsed, and she was trapped, arrested and finally jailed in Boston.

P.S. Tone (April – July)
Pear-shape Tone ran a phony weight-loss program clinic and was a jewel thief. Pear-shape was trying to find the jewels that his late accomplice had hidden, but was met with resistance by a dog named Mugg which had belonged to his accomplice and was now guarding the home. On the other hand, Mugg helped Tracy and Sam find the gems, and became the police force’s pet. At first he was fine hiding out at his “clinic” until Sam showed up in drag posing as a wealthy, overweight woman in need of help. Pear-shape saw through it, and Sam was knocked out and dropped off in the middle of nowhere. Tracy found Sam, and next thing Pear Shape knew, Tracy was hot on his trail. Pear-shape also hid out briefly in a health club run by Jim Pistol, adding a little humor to the storyline. When Junior and his friends were spying around the city and sighted him, Tracy was on top of him again. He finally got a helicopter ride from Pedro Gonzales whom Tone had been blackmailing.  He ordered he bet dropped off in the next state, instead Pear-shape got dropped off in the lion’s pit of the city zoo instead. Pear Shape was found badly injured the next morning by Tracy and off to jail he went.

Sketch Paree / Spike Dyke (July – September)
Sketch Paree was a clothing designer who sought revenge on those who had refused his services in the past. He killed with a water mask and talked to a little doll named Babee. Diaper mogul Talcum Freely was his first victim since Sketch believed that he had stolen his idea for a diaper frame. When Tracy got on the case he enlisted the help of zany bandleader Spike Dyke, to track him down. Tracy and Sam found Sketch’s hideout, but almost drowned in his sinking room. Sketch learned of Spike’s cooperation with the police and tried to kill him only to be shot down by Tracy, who was disguised as a band member at the time. Sketch was killed on stage and the audience believed it was part of Spike’s act the whole time.

The Rat Robberies (September – December)
A thief who would release her rats into a store and while the employees were distracted, she’d rob the register. Her father, Papa, hated her rats and tries to drown them, only to end up drowning himself. The two had hit and run a little child, Johnny McKitchen, weeks earlier, and this is what had put Tracy on her case in the first place. Mousey got away though and started working in a pet store for a while to hide out. One day, Johnny saw Mousey while his mother was shopping, and they told Tracy, who soon had Mousey in custody in time for Christmas.
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