Dick Tracy Stories – 1950

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Wormy Marrons (December – March)
Tracy and Tess meet Wormy and his wife, a killer couple on the run, while on their honeymoon. Tracy picks up the wrong grip only to discover later that it contains a blood-soaked rug. Wormy gets it back from Tracy, who plays it cool, but starts to trail Wormy. Wormy’s station wagon had machine guns in the decorative horns, and it was with these that he captures the snooping Tracy at his car. Wormy tries to kill Tracy by dragging him along behind the car. Tracy survives, and organizes a manhunt for Wormy. Wormy accidentally asphyxiates his wife while repainting his car in an enclosed garage, and he runs and hides out in the radio station of Ted Tellum. There he gets his own show, but soon Ted goes too far when he tries to get Wormy to confess on the radio. Tracy shows up in the nick of time to prevent Ted’s death, and after putting half a dozen bullets in the murderer, Wormy is subdued and taken to jail.

Blowtop Jones (March – July)
The brother of Flattop, Blowtop was a character who was forever losing his temper, and he had plans for killing Tracy. He assembles a bomb which was attached to the automatic dog door on Tracy’s home. When Tracy lets Mugg out, the house goes up in flames and Dick and Tess barely escape. Blowtop’s gang had kidnapped Junior and tried to kill him, but Junior escaped death only to draw a picture of Blowtop for the papers. Fed up with him, Blowtop’s gang shoot him and leave him for death, only to be aided by Vitamin Flintheart when he walks in the wrong room. Blowtop tells him that he is a rich man who was attacked by thieves, and he promises to find a show for Vitamin. In exchange, Vitamin is conned into unwittingly fencing Blowtop’s money for him. Eventually Tracy catches up to the fleeing Blowtop and tag-along Vitamin into the countryside where Blowtop is captured.

 T.V. Wiggles (July – December)
T.V. ran a protection racket where if a bar didn’t pay up, he’d ruin their T.V. set. It’s a strange way to make money but oddly enough, it works. When Sparkle becomes famous on television, and Vitamin becomes her agent, he sets his sights on Vitamin’s agent commission. If Vitamin refuses, he has the ability to pinch Sparkle’ spinal cord and put her into a coma. Vitamin tells Tracy, who puts a stop to things and goes after T.V. T.V. retaliates by sneaking into the television studio and trying to shoot Sparkle only to be stopped by Mugg. B.O. and Tracy go after T.V. and as a result B.O. is shot and goes into a coma. Tracy catches up to T.V. in a repair garage, and clumsy T.V. knocks a stack of sheet metal on top of himself, cutting him to pieces. Later, B.O. was revived from his coma by Sparkle’s singing.

 Mr. Plain’s Blowtorch (December – March)
Keenan Plain was a surgeon with a blowtorch instead of an artificial arm. He had lost it years back when he saved Mrs. Forchune from a saber-wielding native in South America at the Forchunes’ nitrate plant. He was in their will for his heroism, and it was because he was in the will that he decided that he would kill all the blood relatives so he could collect a large sum. He kills Mr. Forchune with his blowtorch and Mrs. Forchune by putting poison in her mud pack. He was about to leave town when he was figured out by Tracy. An odd shootout occurs as Dr. Plain takes several bullets only to keep retaliating with his blowtorch. Everything goes up in smoke when Dr. Plain runs out into the street causing a gasoline truck to swerve, overturn and spill onto his live blowtorch. Dr. Plain went to the coroner’s office in a doggie bag.
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