Dick Tracy Stories – 1951

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Mr. Plain’s Blowtorch (December – March)
Keenan Plain was a surgeon with a blowtorch instead of an artificial arm. He had lost it years back when he saved Mrs. Forchune from a saber-wielding native in South America at the Forchunes’ nitrate plant. He was in their will for his heroism, and it was because he was in the will that he decided that he would kill all the blood relatives so he could collect a large sum. He kills Mr. Forchune with his blowtorch and Mrs. Forchune by putting poison in her mud pack. He was about to leave town when he was figured out by Tracy. An odd shootout occurs as Dr. Plain takes several bullets only to keep retaliating with his blowtorch. Everything goes up in smoke when Dr. Plain runs out into the street causing a gasoline truck to swerve, overturn and spill onto his live blowtorch. Dr. Plain went to the coroner’s office in a doggie bag.

Diaper-napping and Tracy’s First-born (March – May)

M.T. “Empty” William’s ran a hijacking ring and when his men hijack a truckload of diapers instead of furs, Williams finds himself with 120,000 diapers.  Empty tries to pawn them off on Karl the Carwash King as car drying towels, but once Karl sees they’re diapers, the deals off and he’s shot by Empty.  Wanted by Tracy for his crimes, Empty goes on the run with Tracy in constant pursuit.  Meanwhile, Tess Trueheart whom is pregnant, goes into labor in the back of a squad car Junior is driving to the hospital.  Before arriving at the hospital she gives birth to daughter with a full head of hair.  The nurse in the hospital would put the baby’s hair into braids and name her Bonnie Braids.  Tracy catches up to Empty in an old tree house and the two fight it out.  When the tree house collapses, M.T. Williams is impaled on several boards.  Tracy is unharmed and learns that he is a father.

 Bonnie Braids First Adventure (May – November)
Following the birth of Tracy’s daughter Bonnie Braids, professional photograher Crewy Lou plans a heist of the Knox family jewels using a photo session of Bonnie as cover to get into the Knox home.  While at the home, the owner Fortson Knox was killed by Mrs. Knox for his part in the criminal underworld.  Crewy Lou paniced, knocked out Mrs. Knox and took what jewelry she could find. 
When she woke up, Mrs. Knox went to the police to tell them about the criminal syndicate while Crewy quickly tried to pawn the jewelry off only to be interrupted by the syndicate crime boss, The King.  Crewy shoots The King and runs for it, with the syndicate now trying to murder her.  The Sphinx is killed and Crewy is abducted by her brother Brainard, who intends to kill the family black sheep and himself.  Crewy would escape, killing her brother and running for it in a wooded area.  Tracy, Junior, Tess and Bonnie were also in the vicinity and when Tracy and Junior left the car, Crewy acted quickly.  She knocked Tess out and drove away, not realizing Bonnie was still in the car.
Crewy Lou received a rude awakening when she heard little Bonnie’s cries and decided to abandon both baby and car.  Fortunatly, Bonnie was found by a farmer who was out hunting and brought home to his wife, feeding her goats milk.  Tracy tracked down Crewy Lou, finding her hiding in a forest observation tower.  Overcome by tear gas Tracy shot into the tower, Crewy fell from the tower and died.  In her last breath she told Tracy where she had left Bonnie and Tracy found the car and the farmer who had taken his daughter in.  Soon the family was tearfully reunited.

 Tracy Accused of Robbery (November – January)
Tracy stood accused of robbing a half-million dollars from the police evidence safe to pay for his new home and car. Tracy was able to buy some time as he searched for answers. It led him to the police station custodian Charlie, who apparently had done the job, and was working for a man by the name of Spinner Record. Spinner was a local record store owner. When the custodian realized the heat was on, he paniced and ran to Spinner, who shot him upon arrival. Spinner had earlier made a recording of their planning to rob the vault, which he had been using for blackmail. This record was accidentally sold to a girl called Marge, who discovered the hidden message and took it to the police. After roughing up Marge’s friend a bit, and learning that the police had the record, Spinner decided to flee. He hid in a refridgerator box with Charlie’s body and took a train out of town. Tracy later caught up with him, and Spinner was arrested, clearing Tracy’s name.
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