Dick Tracy Stories – 1952

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Junior Falls in Love (January – March)
Junior falls in love with Model Jones and begins to date her.  Unfortunatly her brother Larry who is a parking meter robber keeps interfering with their relationship.  Soon, overwrought with her brother’s criminal acts, and her parents alcoholism, Model runs away.  When Larry shoots a cop during one of his robberies she returns and finds Larry’s hideout, imploring him to give up his criminal life.  Tracy, Junior and Sam track down Larry at his hideout.  One their arrival Larry points a gun at the cops but Model grabs the gun to stop him.  Larry accidently shoots Model instead after which Larry is arrested.  A few days later Model would die in the hospital.

The Saga of Mr. Crime (March – January)
A singer named Tonsils becomes famous under his agent, Dude the Dapper.  Dude held up night clubs and radio stations, forcing people to listen to Tonsils’ singing, and amazingly this was working.  Dude had previously been a major player in the rackets, but was attempting to get out of the organization. Meanwhile, the Syndicate run by Mr. Crime didn’t like Dude leaving them, so they killed him and then went after Tonsils.  Kidnapping the singer, they buond him to a large tractor wheel and left him to die.  Tonsils would be rescued by the elderly couple who happened to own the tire yard.  When the two became too nosy while nursing him back to health, Tonsils burned down the home, killing the old man and making him a fugitive from the law. 
Tonsils was once again kidnapped once again by the syndicate and brought to Mr. Crime.  Mr. Crime had a  hideout underneath a pool which held a 90-pound barracuda.  With the threat of being fed to the monstrous fish, Tonsils was convinced to kill Dick Tracy.  He went to the North Woods where Tracy was on vacation with the Plenty’s, and while up there, he managed to shoot Tracy while he was piloting a speedboat around the lake.  He fell out, the boat sped away with Sparkle and Bonnie in it, and Tonsils went back to report to Mr. Crime.  Mr. Crime mocked Tonsils a few minutes before feeding the singer to the fish.  In the meantime, a search was put out for the missing speedboat.  Bonnie and Sparkle’s boat was discovered stuck under the rock and the two were saved by the rescue parties and Tracy was found alive, saved by a woman named Rifle Ruby. 
Newsuit Nan was a bubbly dame who hung around Mr. Crime and for all appearances all she did was expand her wardrobe.  In fact, Nan was an important part of Mr. Crime’s organization.  Newsuit nan used a centrifuge and vials of blood in a strange roulette to pick who did what criminal deed for the organization.  Her last task was to eliminate a witness who was going to testify against Mr. Crime at a counterfeit stamp trial.  Tracy found out about the hit ahead and of time and prevented the murder.  Newsuit took the failure calmly enough because she had been collecting blood from Mr. Crime for her “experiements” for weeks.  She used his blood in a nail polish which enabled her to put him into a hypnotic state with a scratch.  She forced Mr. Crime to tell her about each time he had swindled her out of money and then attempted to blackmail him with the information.  This plan backfired though when Mr. Crime strangled her and flooded his hideout to cover the murder.
Dick Tracy had been on Mr. Crime’s trail for some time at this point and located the flooded hideout.  Draining the water the police discovered a dead barracuda with Tonsils’ remains in its stomach and the body of Newsuit Nan.  Investigating the hideout, it turned out to be a failed activity center which had been abandoned.  Tracy talks to the board members, which include a man named George Alpha who is in fact Mr. Crime.  Suspecting one of the board members, Tracy ends up snooping around Mr. Alpha’s mushroom farm in the country.  There he finds a rare carnivorous vine with a human skeleton in it.  The remains belong to a judge named Lava who had annoyed Mr. Crime.  Tracy arrests the farm manager and learns that George Alpha is in fact Mr. Crime and engages the crime boss in a shoot-out.  Tracy shot Mr. Crime dead.
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