Dick Tracy Stories – 1953

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Odds Zonn (January – June)
After Mr. Crime’s death, Odds Zonn wanted to take over the criminal empire. First thing on his agenda was to take care of Tracy. He captures him and ties him under a road plank in the middle of nowhere. He then tries bribing him with a half of a million dollars, but when Tracy resists, he leaves him to die. Tracy gets free and soon goes after Zonn. In the meantime, Zonn robbed an armor truck thinking it was filled with gold, but instead it’s filled with radiothorium paint from Diet Smith’s plant, and it spills on his daughter Susie, and on his hand. He tires of his daughter so he abandons her at the Plenty’s who notice that she glows at night and call the doctor. She’s suffering from radioactive poisoning, and so Diet, feeling guilty since it was his paint, calls Dr. Von Nucleus to cure her. He does and when Odds reads that she was cured, he goes to the hospital seeking similar help. He’s met with Tracy who was ready for him with a movable pane of bullet-proof glass. Odds Zonn charges him, firing, and a ricochet bullet catches him in the head.  The Plenty’s adopt Susie Zonn who they often call, Little Wingy because her hair looked like wings.

Uncle Canhead is Blackmailed (July – December)
Uncle Canhead Plenty visits the Plenty family.  Uncle Canhead has oil wells and two blackmailers, 3-D Magee and Pony tell him there is a body in one of his oil wells and demand $100,000 to keep quiet about it.  Canhead initially won’t pay and so they pour poisonous ants over Little Wingy (Susie Zonn) and Sparkle and then strap a bomb to Canhead to force him to get the cash.  Still wearing the bomb, 3-D and Pony abandon Canhead in the woods and kill an innocent horse rider in the process. Tracy arrives just in time to disarm the bomb. Chick Smithly, sister of the killed horse rider, shows up and agrees to help the police to avenge her sister’s death. She poses as a maid and gets police the evidence they need against the pair. The police arrive to arrest them, and 3-D tries to escape out the window on a fire hose. Wanting both of them to die together, Pony cuts the hose, but Magee lands on a parked car and is not killed. They’re both arrested, and Pony confesses to everything, including Canhead’s innocence.
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