Dick Tracy Stories – 1954

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The Depbeats (January – March)
Lured by mysterious crying, Tracy, Junior, and Sam discover a baby in a heated room inside a tree.  The baby belongs to Mrs. Green, who has been renting out her child to a couple named Dewdrop and Sticks Hepbeat.  Dewdrop has been pretending the child is hers to trick her ill father into giving her a massive ten million dollar inheritance.  While Tracy is at the tree, Mrs. Green arrives and is arrested and they child is taken away.  When the Hepbeats discover that the child is missing from the tree, Dewdrop fears the loss of her inheritence and smothers her father with a pillow.  The nurse who had been caring for her father finds a broken tooth and snagged pillowcase, suspects foul play and saves them as evidence.  Mrs. Green is freed and goes to the Hepbeat household and sees the maid’s discoveries.  She puts one and one together and decides to try and blackmail the two for a large cut of the inheritance.  They refuse and try to kill her.  Mrs. Green gets away and goes to the police.  The police show up at the household as the couple are splitting.  Sticks is shot, and Dewdrop flees to Sticks’ brother Open-Mind Monty.

Open Mind Monty (April – July)
A man who runs a stolen jewelry ring from a greenhouse and sends his gems to be fenced via either carrier pigeon or in the bottom of potted plants. He received his nickname from the knife blade in his forehead, which was rumored to have been put there during a fight, and he was unable to remove it, because if he did, he would die. With Dewdrop’s help, he cooks up a scheme to kill Tracy who is after Dewdrop for murder. Tracy foresees it and so a dummy is put in his place, and consequently shot. Monty and the gang think they have killed the great detective, so he places a call to police headquarters to be sure. When he asks for Tracy and is told he’s not in, the gang throw a party, all the while not noticing that they left the phone off the hook. The line’s traced and Dewdrop is incarcerated, but Monty’s let go, so Tracy can keep an eye on his operation. After getting more evidence on Monty, Tracy captures the whole lot of them. After his capture, Tracy reveals that Monty’s blade is fake and only served to unsettle the criminal’s enemies.

Rughead (July – March)
Rughead ran a large stolen fur racket, which is accidentally discovered by Sparkle and Little Wingy. Consequently, Tracy is soon on Rughead’s trail. He tries spying on the gang at their hideout by posing as an electrical worker up on a pole, but Rughead recognizes one of the keys on Tracy’s belt as a call box key and knows that the “worker” is a cop. After a brief shootout, Rughead and his right-hand man Happy escape. Rughead decides he’s had enough of Tracy so he sends Happy to bump him off. Tracy knew the heat was on him, so he has his arm put in a cast with a gun. Happy gets cocky thinking he had shot Tracy in the earlier shootout, and gets careless taking too much time to kill Tracy, at which point Tracy kills him. This sends Rughead into a panic and he flees to Mexico.
While he’s gone, Tracy tries to learn more about Rughead’s racket, so he starts by interrogating Happy’s old girlfriend Corny, and also starts to snoop around at Ned Noxx’s business (Noxx was Rughead’s fence). Ned suspects Corny is talking to the police about his business, so he runs her down. Rughead arrives back in the city and goes to Ned’s wanting some cash, but instead of obliging, he calls the cops on Rughead. Rughead retaliates by robbing Ned and then killing him. When the word gets out in the underworld about Rughead’s wealth, several people are after his cash, including Mimi, an old flame of his. Rughead is kidnapped and about to be robbed when he escapes into an old waterway. The police show up, and sort out the shootout, only to find Rughead dead from a ricochet bullet.
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  1. John Perin says:

    In the story about “The Depbeats”, Mrs. Green does not come to police headquarters to claim her baby. She comes to the tree where the baby has been kept while Tracy and the others are there and she is arrested.

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